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Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program Feeding and bathing another person can be very stressful, physically tasking, and time-consuming for you.Often times, taking care of a Veteran's needs leaves no time for you to take care of your own needs.

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The Skilled Home Care service is similar to Home-Based Primary Care, but it involves VA purchasing care for a Veteran from a licensed non-VA medical professional.

Home-Based Primary Care is staffed with medical professionals who will come to your home.

Some of their services are primary care and nursing, managing medication, and helping plan and put together nutritious and tasty meals.

ADHC Centers employ caring professionals who will assess a Veteran's rehabilitation needs and help a Veteran accomplish various tasks so he or she can maintain or regain personal independence and dignity.

The Veteran you care for will participate in rehabilitation based on his or her specific health assessment during the day (ADHC centers are generally open Monday through Friday during normal business hours).

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