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Cheryl shot to fame with Girls Aloud after appearing on reality show Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.The girls' debut song Sound of the Underground topped the UK Singles Chart, and their subsequent album went platinum in 2003.In April 2009, Cheryl released her debut solo album 3 Words, which went platinum and topped the UK charts.Single Fight for This Love was 2009's fourth best selling single, while singles 3 Words and Parachute also made the top five.The band achieved an impressive 20 successive top ten singles in the UK - including four number ones - as well as six platinum albums, becoming the most successful reality TV group of all time.By May 2010 the group had amassed a fortune of £30million by May 2010.The most major of which is a giant backpiece of giant roses which covers her lower back and bum.It covered previous designs including the cartoon Tweety Bird on her bum and a butterfly with a tribal patteern on her back.

Cheryl has gained quite the collection of tattoos across her time in the limelight.

Her second album Messy Little Raindrops topped the charts in 2010, while third album A Million Lights went to number two in 2012.

Girls Aloud went on a lucrative million-selling tour in March 2013 before announcing their split.

Her performing arts company CC Couture, which she launched to channel her earnings, is reported to be worth £1.26m.

She also reportedly owns an apartment in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, a Bugatti Veyron and and Audi R8.

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