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I have never been on a site that does not have a telephone contact and I refuse to give c/card details on line due to a previous scam. You should tell people at the beginning that you have no tel contact which would save people the time and aggravation of filling in the questionaires so that they can go onto another site that offers the basic requirements of dating sites.is one of the most popular dating sites on internet.Create your free online dating profile and browse our database of over 90,000 people from across the UK.It takes only minutes to join, so sign up today to find your ideal match with the UK's best online dating site.There are currently 33,000 people using Telegraph Dating and 20 per cent of those are expats and more than 65 per cent are university or college-educated.

It was a month before they were able to meet in person.After filling in the long questionaire to subscribe to the Telegraph dating site, I looked for the tel.no to join with my credit card and to my astonishment could not find a single telephone no for this site.At first, it felt like shopping and I would feel rejected when 'Dan from Twickenham’ said he wasn’t interested.I’m currently single, but the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.” Internet dating makes sense for those leading busy lives or for those who don’t regularly meet new or suitable people within their existing social network.

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