Dating ludwig drums by hardware

Original receipts are rare, but very helpful when they are available.

The use of tube lugs would remain unchanged until 1935-1936, when Ludwig (now owned by G. Conn) introduced their new Imperial or Streamline snare drum lug casing.

Thus, the Knob Tension drums proved to be a failure and never caught on with drummers of the early 1950s. All top of the line Ludwig bass drums and tom toms were fitted with Classic tension casings, with the exception of large concert models and lower line, budget priced Club Date models.

Like the original The Imperial lug was also used on bass drums and tom toms in the late 1930s. A backing plate was usually installed between the lug and the shell.This is a great value beginner set from a legendary drum company. Cons: Rack toms are mounted to the bass drum with posts through the drum shells causing the toms to be choked from resonating.Pros: Includes everything, including bass drum pedal and throne for one low price. Imagine yourself behind a set of Ludwig drums, the drums played by Ringo, Bonzo, Tre' Cool and Jason from Death Cab. This is the best priced drum set in this category and you won't be disappointed by the dynamic sound of these drums.As zenstat indicates, there are some drums with blank badges with date stamps which help to support the dating of those without date stamps. As Bun indicates, there are reports of more blank B/O badges in the mid 1970s.Because these do not have date stamps, it is difficult to tell them from earlier drums without date stamps.

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