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The purpose of the Family Law Division is to process and file documents which have been presented either at the counter or by mail.State law prohibits the court staff from giving legal advice.Consult an attorney or file a response within 30 days.Every Wednesday: Arrive between and with a packet of divorce forms, a current pay stub and a list of any property or debts that need to be divided.

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For example, a marriage that is incestuous (between close blood relatives) or bigamous (where a spouse is already married to someone else) is never legally valid.

If you do not know the case number, you must provide us with the full names of both parties at the time the divorce was filed and the approximate year of the filing. Or, you may file an Order to Show Cause or a Notice of Motion.

You may mail your request, along with a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage and a check or money order for .00 plus $.50 per page copy fee. Six months and one day from the date of service, providing all required documents have been submitted to the Court. How do I restore my former name after the divorce is final?

Or, you may visit the office Monday through Friday, a.m. You must file an Ex Parte Application for Restoration of Former Name.

If I have been served with a petition, what should I do?

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