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But in Mensa 63% of the members have been separated or divorced at least once. Marriages between Ms do appear to be the most stable – for Mensans.Union between M men and non-M women is the least objectionable type of mixed marriage.

Remember, in order to even make it into the exclusive group to begin, your IQ score has to rank in the 98th percentile.

He found the door to the conference room ajar, and there was a drum kit on the stage.

He sat down and did a bit of drumming, when a staff member walked by and told him he was not allowed to be in the room. "If you're thinking: ' I want to be part of that association, because I want to join in the drinking and partying', it's probably for the best if you turn somewhere else instead of applying for a Mensa membership," Åkerman told The Local.

If a normal person is generally capable, and is accustomed to having his opinions respected, it is a rude shock to find himself in the presence of a person who suddenly makes him feel inferior.

And Mensans generally do know more about more subjects. If we reveal our true feelings, then the normal person becomes resentful.

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