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Edward Lysagh, formerly chief Herald of Ireland, describes the coat of arms as “azure, a lion rampard, guardant, argant, charged on the shoulder with a cresent sable, between five fleur de lis. He received approval from the newly elected English Pope, Nicholas Breakspeare, Adrian the Fourth, on the grounds that morals in Ireland had become corrupt, and religion almost extinct, and his purpose was to bring the barbarous nation within the fold of the faith and under church discipline.

But if we supposed Ireland to be irreligious then, strange indeed would be the choice of an apostle in Henry, a man of vicious life, a supporter of anti-Popes, and reasonably suspected of, and all but excommunicated for, instigating the murder of the holy Thomas a Becket.

According to Dan Dowling, so had the D’Alitons and according to a member of the Disney family, the Disneys also.

Under a early “grant of dignity” as a Baron from Hugh de Lacy, Dalton and his descendants adopted and still retain the fleur de lis on their armorials, as in the right of the daughter of King Louis.

Every prince, occupied as usual with his own problems was not much concerned about what did not immediately affect his own territory.

Strongbow followed in a few months with two hundred knights and a thousand men and immediately took over the city of Waterford.

This is the story of Sir Walter de D'Aliton, thought to be one of the Marcher Lords of Wales.

O’Brien of Thomond inflicted a big defeat upon them at Thurles.There is a pedigree chart at the end of this chapter that I have put together with a few sources I found by searching the Internet and by going to the LDS FHL in SLC.There are a few books in the Irish section that lists some of our Dalton names.On receiving the news of the landing, Mac Murrough raised a body of five hundred from among his Leinster subjects and joined them.And, together they marched against the Danish city of Wexford, which, after repulsing two assaults, capitulated to the strange army with its armoured horses and horsemen and its wonderfully skilled and disciplined army.

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