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You may want to start your Genealogy research here with searches of recent Census records: CREST is the name of the CIA database of declassified intelligence documents.The database, searchable by title, data, and text content, includes Directorate of Operations reports on the role of intelligence in the post WW-II period; material on the creation, organization, and role of the CIA within the U. Government; a collection of foreign scientific articles, ground photographs and associated reference materials; and the CIA's first release of motion picture film. Government publications compiled under directive of the Congress. Serial Set Digital Collection contains hundreds of thousands of documents and over 52,000 maps, ranging from 1789 to the present.Instead we have chosen a “top-down” approach to evaluate the entire archaeological radiocarbon database for East Polynesia as a single entity.This allows radiocarbon dates, irrespective of stratigraphic context, to be categorized according to accuracy and precision, and for patterns of age and distribution of colonization to be sought accordingly upon the most reliable dated materials.

1), that are in direct association with cultural materials or commensals (e.g., C years before present (y BP) to exclude modern dates, and to include the earliest possible age for expansion from West Polynesia (Table S1).

That is, to accept only those dates that () are capable of providing a calibration that is close to the “true” age of the actual target event (i.e., human activity).

One approach is to evaluate dates within their individual and comparative stratigraphic levels according to criteria of “chronometric hygiene” (11, 12) and build from those results toward a regional overview; but this method can be subjective, and it is impractical when dealing with very large databases, as is the case here.

Fold3 (Formerly Footnote.com) presents millions of digitized historical documents that can be searched and browsed. It contains comprehensive and often detailed information on an extremely wide range of subjects.

The site covers a wide variety of topics, including Civil War records, Native American resources, newspapers, photographs and much more. You may want to start here if you are searching for Military and Military Pension records: The U.

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