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The scent of her arousal, sweet and musky, rose all around him, ramping up his desire to toss her onto the futon and drive into her until they heated up the tiny cabin with the fury of their lust.

One hand still tangled in her silky hair, he dropped his other to her butt and hauled her more tightly against him. He withdrew his fingers, and that made her want to scream, but he plunged them back inside and whispered hot, naughty things in her ear.

His erection met her core as he lifted them both onto the futon, being careful not to jostle her mouth away from his throat. His fingers brushed her core, wringing a strangled gasp from her. "Easy, sweetheart." His guttural voice dripped with promise as he rubbed her in languid circles that somehow soothed her ache and made it worse.

He wanted her to take as much as she could, as much as she needed, and nothing was better than sex during feeding. Pleasure zinged through her veins and molten, liquid heat pooled in her feminine place. "I won't hurt you." No, he was doing the very opposite, making her feel things she'd never felt, and those things could all be described as exquisite. "Damn, you're tight." He did something sinful with his fingers, stroked something inside that sent electric shocks of ecstasy through her entire pelvis.

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The caress of her mouth as she sucked on his neck felt connected to his cock, and behind the fly of his jeans, he got rock-hard.

Her warmth radiated through her T-shirt, and her desire radiated from her entire body as he swept his thumb across the swell of her breast.

She gasped, breaking the seal on his throat, and a wet rivulet flowed down his skin.

The shots alternate between the present day and the distant past. I compelled the doctors to let me take her home, so she's more comfortable, but...she's dying.

Bulgarian is spoken throughout the flashback.] Stefan: She's dying. They don't think she'll survive the rest of the day.

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