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Bastard - Can be used in both a positive and negative way.

' If you don't understand the difference then don't use the word. (Also plonk, horse's piss, vinegar.) Battler - Someone who is always struggling hard but never seems to get anywhere in life.

For an index of punny trope names, see Just for Pun.

Not to be confused with Stealth Pun, which refers to puns where the punchline is simply left to the readers or listeners as an exercise. Ben was holding his forehead like he had a headache.

This may also warrant a Collective Groan or "Get Out". Oh, and a lame reaction to a pun is rather (not excluding some possible overlap) the opposite of this trope.

Look, seriously, Im really sorry if we freaked you out, I said.

We have tried to include only slang that is in common use today and that a majority of Australians would know.

We have rooms in a hotel on the other side of town, but if you dont want us here, say so, and well just well just Oh God.

I am a natural sanctuary where the history of Mexico combines with fun traditions and the splendor of the Mayan culture.

"That's a harp he's playing, Nobby," said one of them, after watching Imp for a while.

"Lyre." "No, it's the honest truth, I'm—" The fat Guard frowned and looked down.

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